What I do

Strategic Planning

Expertise creating, executing, and guiding action plans to drive core company

Skilled at developing plans for new corporate growth, including
identifying potential new markets and brand expansion opportunities based on
research into changing market trends and conditions, competitor actions, and
consumer insights.

Change Management

Outstanding ability to assess individual interests and motivations and then design
effective action plans that meet those specific needs.

Effective Communication

Highly adept at the use of analytical and creative thinking to produce
presentations, reports, and communications focused on effecting organizational
change that is supportive of corporate goals.

Ability to speak powerfully to large
groups of people or one-on-one with top executives and gain buy-in at all levels
within the organization.

Corporate Management

Expertise in program and project management, including managing global teams
that are simultaneously executing multiple projects.

Expert at assessing progress,
foreseeing trouble spots, and rapidly and proactively dispatching solutions before
problems arise. Focus on tracking and measuring what matters and adjusting
mid-cycle as appropriate.

Team Building

Track record of motivating, mentoring, and monitoring team members to establish
and maintain supportive working relationships and align employee and team
objectives with corporate goals.

Develop skill-building plans that align with
individual and organizational strategic needs

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Develop skill-building plans that align with individualĀ and organizational strategic needs.Designed systems and processes to drive business growth and increase profits atĀ both corporate and asset levels.